Reliable Dubai Car Shipping

Dubai Car Shipping provides secure, reliable and fast overseas transport with Roll on Roll off or Container shipping. We ship more than 4000 cars overseas every week and guarantee on time, damage free delivery.

We have a large network of dependable carriers within the U.S. as well as Dubai and throughout the UAE to offer inland transport to and from the shipping port. We provide all necessary assistance with overseas auto transport including port schedule, customs paperwork and vehicle tracking from start to finish.

When you choose Dubai Car Shipping to handle your overseas auto shipment, we take care of everything for you to ensure total peace of mind when shipping. There is no need to worry about customs paperwork or requirements because we will make sure all of the important documentation is handled and that your vehicle meets all requirements to ship.

There are several things you will need to keep in mind when shipping your vehicle to Dubai. These include:

Primary Required Documents

  • Vehicle Title
  • Vehicle VIN Number Must Be On Paperwork
  • Driver’s License
  • Sales Invoice showing vehicle was manufactured in the United States if you are a United States resident
  • If the vehicle was not manufactured in the United States, you will need to obtain a Temporary Importation Bond for non-residents showing that the vehicle is being re-exported

Used Vehicles

  • Proof of Ownership including Title and Sales Invoice
  • Proof of Permission to Export if vehicle is owned by a third party


New Vehicles

  • Certificate of Origin from vehicle manufacturer
  • Vehicle Title

How Cars are Shipped to Dubai

Prior to the vehicle being shipped to Dubai, you will want to make sure it is thoroughly clean inside and out. Be sure to take pictures of the car from all angels so you will have them on file during shipment and can compare them to the vehicle when it is delivered. Make sure that all personal items are removed from the vehicle and lower the fuel to no higher than a quarter tank. You also need to determine which way the vehicle will be shipped:

Shipping with RORO

RORO, or Roll on Roll off, shipping is the most common way to ship a car overseas. Cars must be in good running condition when using RORO to transport as they are driven onto the shipping vessel and securely strapped in place for transport. This is the least expensive method of transport when shipping overseas.

Shipping with Containers

Container shipping is perfect for those that need to ship more than one vehicle or have household goods shipped with the car. It is more expensive than RORO shipping but can actually save money when you need to ship more than just the car. It is also an excellent choice for highly expensive vehicles as it will keep the car completely away from the elements and potential damage during shipment.

Before the car is shipped you will need to speak to one of our agents to make sure you have fully prepared the car for overseas transport. We will arrange to have your car picked up a predetermined location in the United States and transported to the shipping port.

We provide the fastest service to Dubai and guarantee the best rates in the industry for overseas automobile shipping. We work for private vehicle owners, military, car collectors, professional athletes, celebrities and others nationwide to provide safe and secure Dubai car shipping.

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To start your Dubai auto transport you can fill out the free quote form to get started with a quote and to get transport services started. You can also contact a shipping agent by phone for answers to any questions you may have and to get your vehicle booked with the best overseas auto transport in the industry.


When you need to ship a car from the US to Dubai, we offer superior services that come with an extensive knowledge of overseas transport to Dubai as well as all overseas vehicle shipping. Whether you are relocating on a temporary or a permanent basis or have a single vehicle, or even a multi-load of vehicles to ship, we handle all aspects of Dubai Car Shipping from start to finish in a completely stress-free way and with the most competitive rates in the industry.


Dubai Car Shipping handles vehicle shipments from Dubai to the US and we can assist with all important paperwork, requirements for import back into the US and delivery to the shipping port in Dubai. If you need assistance with immigration requirements when coming to the US, we can help with that as well. Whether you are shipping for a US vacation or for a complete relocation, we have the overseas auto transport that you need.

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