International Auto Shipping

RORO or Container Shipping?

You have just decided to spend the summer in beautiful Dubai and you need to have your personal car shipped so you can enjoy the scenery in the privacy of your own vehicle. You will of course need to hire a professional and experienced overseas car shipper, but you also need to take some other very important matters into account. Most importantly, which method of transport will you use?

All overseas transport is fully insured and safe. Millions of motor vehicles are shipped each year and arrive at their destination safely. When you call for service, you need to know upfront the differences in transport methods and which one will be best for your car.

RORO is the most common way to ship a car and is also the cheapest option for auto shipping. When using RORO, vehicles must be in good running condition as they will be driven onto the RORO ship for transport. You cannot ship personal items inside the car during shipment when using RORO as it is strictly for vehicles and the shipping company is not allowed to let customers leave anything inside the car due to customs regulations. RORO ships can transport all types of cars, trucks, sport utility vehicles, buses, recreational vehicles and even heavy machinery and equipment, motorcycles and other types of vehicles. And freight.

You may also want to consider container shipping. Container shipping is perfect for expensive luxury cars, muscle cars and other expensive vehicles. Container shipping is similar to RORO because vehicles are usually driven into the containers prior to the container being loaded onto the ship.

Containers can also carry all types of motor vehicles including inoperable vehicles. With a container you will be able to pack furniture or other household goods inside the container along with the vehicle. Container shipping is generally more expensive than RORO, but if you are making a move for a permanent or even just an extended period of time, you may need to utilize the options that a container will allow when it comes to packing your personal items to move with you.

The port in Dubai can accept RORO auto transport at the port, but you may need to know that not all ports are accessible to RORO ships and will only be able to handle containers. This is of course something that you will want to discuss with your shipping agent as they will be able to help you make a decision on which method will work best for your vehicle and the destination you will be traveling to.

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